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Plan Your Surf Trip TO Indonesia

After years of exploration around Indonesia, experiencing numerous surf-charters, surf resorts and surf camps all over Indonesia, we now offer to share our surf knowledge to organize your next surf-trip!

Indo Surf Crew can help you plan the surf trip of a lifetime in Indonesia. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional surfer, whether you want to travel on a budget or stay at the most luxury surf resort or surf charter. One thing is sure, we can get you to surf uncrowded world-class waves where you’ll improve your surfing more than ever.


See below our handpicked selection of surf-trips, working closely with the most ethical surf-charters, resorts, and camp in Indonesia.

3-Days Surf-Trip to G-Land, From Bali

This G-Land surf-trip organized by Dawn Patrol Bali Surf School is designed for intermediate and advanced surfers. Without any doubt, this the real deal when it comes to surfing world-class Indonesian waves and experiencing Indonesian culture through a road trip from Bali with exceptional local surf-guides. Surfing in G-Land Located in the isolated jungles of East […]

Learn Surfing Bali

Learn to Surf in the Bukit, Bali

Learn to surf in bali The south Peninsula of Bali, also known as the Bukit, is where the essence of surfing in Bali lies. While most surf spots are for intermediate and advanced surfers, the Bukit is home to a good variety of safe surf spots for beginner surfers, away from the more crowded beginner […]

Lakey Peak

Luxury Stay in Lakey Peak, Sumbawa

Surf-Trip to Lakey Peak, Sumbawa The world-class A-Frame of Lakey Peak is no longer a secret to surfers hunting for waves in Indonesia. The emerging surf destination of Lakey is also known for being the home of local grommets, a new generation of competitive surfers led by Oney Anwar currently in the QS. Lakey Peak, […]

Jiwa Alam

Sumba Surf Charter to the Secrets of Eastern Indonesia

Jiwa Alam, SUMBA Surf Charter Jiwa Alam is a comfortable and spacious sailing boat built by Philipe Petiniaud, ex Olympic and Americas cup sailor. Jiwa Alam is the latest addition to access some of the world-class yet remote spots in the most eastern parts of the Indonesian archipelago and the most recent Sumba Surf Charters. […]

VW Surf Bus – Lombok and Sumbawa Surf-Trip

VW Surf Bus – Lombok and Sumbawa Surf-Trip Ex pro-surfer from Lombok and owner of Bombora Bungalows in Kuta, Lombok, Risman and his crew have renovated a VW Kombi with the desire to design the coolest surf-trips around Lombok & Sumbawa. Traveling by minivan is awesome but being accompanied by a local surf-guide that knows […]

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Sri Noa Noa
Chasing for waves aboard Sri Noa Noa