Life comes in waves. Sometimes the ride is smooth, other times we fall. We spend time underwater and we come up, ready to catch the next one. In the best occasions, we are rewarded by an incredible feeling of ecstasy and accomplishment. Each wave has its own way to be ridden. We learn by feeling, doing, failing. Even after time, we will never quite master a wave, the ocean has its own mood and we learn to respect it, the same way we deal with people and life events. Practicing conscious and physical exercises help us gain confidence to face those waves coming at us. The sensation that was once described as uncomfortable or frustrating will become enjoyable and FUN. 

Gaining the confidence, skills, and techniques to prepare us for those events can take one a lifetime UNLESS you are prepared and trained by instructors who master those techniques.

You’ll be taught during this unique experience, how to surf better through mindful physical preparation, breathing techniques and coaching through video analysis. Your surfing will be taken to the next level and our training will impact POSITIVELY the rest of your daily surf routine for years to come. This is more than a surf trip. This will change the way you LIVE SURFING.

Expand your surfing-mind.

Change the way you live surfing in just 10-days

The aim of this program is for each of our participants to learn something new and make of it a new habit in their daily surf routine. Whether it be surf hacks introduced in the classes of ‘Power Surf’ or improve the consciousness of your body and mind through yoga and breathing techniques. This 10-days experience combines Surf, Yoga, Wellness and Consciousness. 

Surfing MENTAWAI IN MARCH. fun waves and no crowd

March in the Mentawai islands usually delivers good surprises. Not too big, not too small and less crowd. All we need to train in natural wave-pools, practicing our turns, cutbacks and of course expecting some tunnel visions.

Just another fun day, head-high waves, in the Ments.

How will a typical day be like?

Our days will be planned on what the ocean is doing. Therefore, there won’t be such thing as a typical day. Every day will be a combination of:

  • Physical Preparation (Power Surf)
  • Surfing* (as much as we can)
  • Rest and care through Yoga and Meditation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Deep Tissue Massage (One massage will be included for each of us)
  • Video Analysis of our sessions 
  • A unique selection of Surf movies and Documentaries 
  • Eating WELL

* While each of us will be filmed while surfing, our surf-coach, Rodrigo will be in the water with us, pushing us to catch more waves and expand our surfing knowledge. At night, we will look back at our waves, analyzing each of our surf moves.

Surfing at beng-beng by ourselves.

YOGA, WELLNESS AND POWER SURF, the recipe for performance

While most of us may not be familiar with the term ‘POWER SURF’ – this physical flow can look like a fusion of capoeira, martial art or yoga while performing surf movements. It has been initiated by Rodrigo Machado and designed for surfers’ to assimilate surf techniques and make them easy for the body and mind to remember so it becomes instinctive while surfing.

We will practice yoga daily – exploring different types of yoga practices to relax the body after surfing but also to prepare your body to surf, avoiding injuries and enhancing your flexibility and strength. Our instructor, Jai Martin, is not only a yoga teacher but a talented surfer that will show us how important yoga can be in our surf routine.

A deep tissue massage will also be given by a qualified therapist that will join us on the trip.


Rodrigo Machado is a Brazilian surfer and founder of the POWER SURF movement. Throughout his 20-years of surfing experience, he has deepened his teachings in the art of ‘Surf Hacks’ throughout 4 major pillars that are Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological.  The POWER SURF is born from his practices of yoga and self-knowledge, the art of breathing and meditating, natural gymnastic and capoeira acrobatic movements. Rodrigo teaches surfers looking to perform better from intermediate to advanced levels of surfing. He now lives in the Bask Country, working as a surf-coach at Pukas Surf Eskola and also performs physical surf training at Hurley Surf Club.


Jai Martin, originally from Australia, is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Jai’s vocation is to help people improve their health, well-being and transform old life-negating habits into new life-affirming ones. When Jai doesn’t teach yoga, he surfs on a twin fish with grace and power, between Sumatra and Byron Bay. Jai is a bright and vibrant example of being the change he wishes to see in the World.


Uriel was born in the French Bask country and has been spending his past 4-years surfing and producing surf-videos. He has a great knowledge of the surf-scene in Indonesia and knows where to sit in the water to get the perfect barrel shot.  Uriel’s ultimate goal is to bring a positive impact to the environment and communities through surfing and film-making. Watch his latest video here.

Palmtree Shade
Uriel during his last trip to Rote

Stay on a private island

During our last surf-trip to the Mentawai islands, we stayed at Shadow Mentawai – a charming surf-resort, owned by Mentawai local family, who has been impressively good at serving their guests with a high level of service for the past 8-years. The place, designed with taste, is entirely built from wood by Ade, who is the owner and was a carpenter in his previous life. While Papa, the dad, is the boat captain and Dedi is brother a world-class surf guide that spends his time between Mentawai and Spain working at a surf school in Galicia.

The island where we’ll be staying!

On this same island, breaks two world-class waves, a right, and a left-hander, less known from the usual ‘playground crowds’ while being just 20-minutes boat ride away from the playground area. Yes, we will surf all those waves that you’ve been mind-surfing on youtube.

Ade, the owner of Shadow, surfing the wave in his backyard

All rooms are equipped with A/C although we might not need it. Most of the rooms will have to be shared as these are 2 x triples rooms, 1 x double room with twin beds and 1 private double room.

How many people will take part in the retreat?

There will be 9 of you, surf students. And 4 of us from the Indo Surf Crew.

We will also ensure to have an even group in terms of surf levels – which is why we ask you to describe your surf levels and define your expectations for the training in the form below.

Dates & Itinerary

DEPARTURE: 22nd of March 2019 – End: 2nd of April 2019

(10-days / 10-nights in the Mentawais)

We will all meet in Padang, Indonesia on the 22nd at night. We’ll be surfing the next day after an early speedboat ride.

What’s included / not included?


  • 10 nights accommodation with A/C
  • 3 delicious nutritive meals a day
  • Healthy snacks and smoothies throughout the day
  • Daily yoga sessions taught
  • Daily classes of Power Surf
  • Video Analysis & Surf Photography
  • Deep tissue massage by a local therapist
  • Local Surf guide knowledge and Boat rides to surf spots
  • Speedboat transfer Padang – Mentawai – Padang


  • Mentawai tax fees (about 70$) – make sure to squeeze all your surfboards in one bag as you pay an extra fee per surf bag.
  • Alcoholic beverages – you can get Bintang beers at the resort.

Costs of our Surf Conscious Retreat

  • 3 x Early Bird Tickets will be sold @ 2,500 US$ (Only 1 Left)
  • Ticket Price for the retreat @ 2,700 US$
  • Private Suite @ 3,500 US$ (Additional 500$ for 2nd person sharing the room)
9 Spots are still available as of now (02 October 2018)
You can prebook today with a 30% deposit
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