Photo & Video Production

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video production

Through our creativity and media skills, we aim to communicate your brand’s message in a way that supports and empowers the surf communities of Indonesia. By working with us, you also become a partner of the social impact initiatives we are getting involved in.

Our community is made up of surf-photographers, drone operators and film-makers based in Bali and around Indonesia.

Surf Photography Bali

Our community of surf-photographers is based and legally working in Bali. Our drone operators and film-makers alike can provide you with a private photo or video shoot of your surf-sessions. Equipped with the latest camera equipment, we can provide simultaneously water shooting, aerial photography and videography. Enquire below.


Film-making is our passion. We aim to work with clients that share values similar to ours, conscious about the environment and social developments around Indonesia. Based in Bali and beyond, we can organise video shooting and production in the most pristine locations Indonesia has to offer.

Social media endorsement

Our large network through our social media networks and business connection with surf brands, wellness brands, luxury resorts, fashion brands and models can be additional ingredients to any video production we’d be part of. Contact us for more details.


some of our previous projects

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First BIG Swell of the season in West Sumbawa @ MYAMO BEACH LODGE

“Surfing Lombok as You’ve Never Seen It” @ Drop In, Lombok

“Surfing Nias Off-Season” – @ Kabunohi Resort

Just for the love of Surfing …