Which Mentawai Surf Charter To Book? – 5 Boat Trips Reviewed

Thinking of surfing holiday in the Mentawai islands? Booking a trip on a surf charter is a way to do it, and that will probably be one of the best surf trips you ever had.

Mentawai has gained popularity over the last ten years, surf charters, resorts, and surf camps have popped amongst the islands making it a prime destination for surfers around the world. There is no need to be a professional although this is not recommended for early beginners either as the reef can be pretty sharp, it is recommended to be confident with its surfing before going.

To make it easier while choosing which surf charter to book for your Mentawai boat trip, we’ve listed 5 great options, that will cater to different budget and experiences.

Mentawai Surf Charter
Photo Credit to the Bintang Surf Charter

1 – Star Koat Surf Charter

(Update August 2017 – does not operate anymore)

Budget: USD $3,090 for a 12-nights boat trip. Slightly cheaper during low season (Nov-March)

Capacity: 12 passengers

Mentawai Surf Charter
Star Koat Surf Charter

Made for surfers by surfers, the Star Koat boat has it all. The owners are some of the most knowledgeable guides in the area and have been running this surf charter for years while brining their guests around the Mentawai islands, up to Banyak islands.

Star Koat suits solo travelers and surfer groups alike, it even had the Roxy team onboard. The crew is always willing to bring you the extra mile so you can be at the perfect spot at the right time. Great value for money and highly recommended for a first surf boat trip in the Mentawai!

Here’s a great video from a trip on Star Koat in May 2016:

2 – Pelagic Surf Charter

Budget: From USD $195 per night (Most affordable option)

Capacity: 9 pax. maximum (suits groups better than solo travellers)

Mentawai Surf Charter
View from the Pelagic Surf Charter

The Pelagic boat charter has been specifically built for surfing purposes and welcome its guests at its best. With a cruise speed of 20 knots and a jet ski available, you are guaranteed to reach the spots in no time. Pelagic’s crew is amongst the best in the region, surfing every day in the Mentawai welcoming surfers from all over the world.

Here’s a video of the Blue Planet SUP Australia having the time of their lives aboard the Pelagic Surf Charter:

3 – Tengirri LUXURY Surf Charter

Budget: Prices range from USD $270 to USD $350 depending on your requested date.

Capacity: 8 pax. maximum

Mentawai Surf Charter
Tengirri Surf Charter

This high-end power catamaran has also been optimised for the comfort of surfers and aims to offer a luxury experience while surfing the best waves on the planet.

You’ll get the surf in the Mentawais, but also in the uncrowded waves of Telos and Batu islands. Cruising time happens during the night while surfers get to comfortably sleep in their luxurious cabins.

Check out the video below and see which kind of waves to expect while aboard the Tengirri!

4 – King Millennium I Surf Charter

Budget: USD $2,600 for a 12-nights trip (Most affordable option)

Capacity: Max. 10 pax

Mentawai Surf Charter
View from King Millennium during sunset, Photo Credit to King Millenium, Manu Miguelez

King Millennium surf trips are great value for money. The wooden surf charter has been designed for surfers and has been welcoming surfers from all over the world thanks to their multi-lingual crew (French, English, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and Portuguese).

Due to its success, King Millennium II was born, a catamaran with 4 large cabins offering premium services such as the access to a jet ski.

Check out this awesome video with spectacular drone views of the King Millennium cruising in its waters.

5 – Bintang Surf Charter

Budget: Around USD $250 per night – 11 nights trip at USD $3,000 depending on Indonesian exchange rate.

Capacity: Can accommodate up to 14 people

Mentawai Surf Charter
Bintang Surf Charter – Photo Credit to gngphotography

The 115ft schooner boat is one of the largest and most known surf charter in the area. It can welcome exclusive groups, amongst them it hosted the Deus boys (watch video below).

Skippered and owned by Mick O Shea, the Surf Bintang Charter will fulfil all your expectations, you’ll also just love to chill out on its large deck while sipping a bintang.

We haven’t mentioned it above, but most boat trips also offers complimentary photo and video services so you can take away professional shots of yourself surfing.

We hope that like us you’ll get the chance to discover this paradise aboard one of these boats very soon!

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